Eloisa Sánchez, (México City, 1987)

Eloisa is a Mexican professional photographer since 2011. She holds a Bacherlor's Degree in Architecture by the Universidad Autónoma de México (U.N.A.M.)  and a degree in Photography by the Escuela Activa de Fotografía.

Eloisa started taking pictures at an early age. Since she was born, her father always had a camera in his hands and at the age 6 he gave her her first own 110mm camera. Self-taught at the beginning, she grew up with photography as a hobby; but with time, and after graduating in Architecture, the idea of making photography her life consolidated in her head.

She started her photography career working as a freelance for the international agency Getty Images Latin America (now Getty Images Mexico). She's based in Mexico City and right now she also works for the official photo agency of the Mexican Football Federation, Imago7.

She teaches photo production and lightning techniques for portrait and fashion at the Escuela Activa de Fotografía, where she studied.

Eloisa Sánchez's photographic work has been published in several Mexican and International media outlets as The New York Times, the Chicago Tribune, ESPN, Fox Sports, Bloomberg, Huffington Post, Marca and Marca Claro, Récord, El Universal, Proceso, among other newspapers and magazines.

During her professional career Eloisa has also photographed content for art books and documentaries for CONACULTA, Clío and TV UNAM, conferences, portraits and product shots for Grupo Modelo, Adidas, VISA, Nestlé, etc.

She also works as a videographer and produced the mexican documentary "La Ciudad de los Fragmentos" (Anaid González, 2016).

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